AL THARWAH PARTS TRADING LLC., is a trading firm, which is renowned as pioneers in supplying Genuine, OEM or high quality Replacement parts, we hand pick our parts from over 35 different vendors worldwide, the many are OEM to major brands.

We are specialized in The supply of Spare Parts for Construction Machinery, Cranes, Trucks, Forklifts, Generators, Grabs, Hydraulic Hammers, Mixers, Manlifts.

Our leading products include, Equipments, machines and parts like Hydraulic pumps, Telescopic Cylinders, Booms, Control Valves, Engines and parts, Reman Engines, Reman Transmissions, Undercarriage parts, Control Panels, Deep seal control Programming, any Dis-continued parts by the principles etc.

Al Tharwah considers, their customers as business partners, and benefits the client with the best service and the competitive price comparitively, also provides Technical as well the commercial feedbacks

AL THARWAH always remains flexible to reach the requirement of clients. We remain in your service 24×7 Dis-continued parts by the principles etc,