Caterpillar Spare Parts

Caterpillar Spare Parts

Caterpillar Spare Parts or CAT in short, is surely among the best brands for equipment in the field of heavy construction and mining machinery. The company’s product range primarily consists of engines (gas and diesel), hydraulic breakers, forklifts, trucks, tractors, and a whole lot more.

Now, while your organization might be using Caterpillar’s renowned products, over time, it is likely that you will also need certain parts for servicing and replacement. While there is absolutely no doubt about the proficiency of Caterpillar equipment, when it comes to offering top-notch performance, reliability and durability, it is always good for you to use genuine Caterpillar spare parts as a replacement.

In this regard, Al Tharwah Parts Trading LLC happens to be a very renowned supplier of CAT heavy equipment spare parts in the UAE. Our range of spare parts offerings is available for all types of equipment, whether it is diesel engines, forklifts, hydraulic breakers or trucks.

Diesel engine spare parts

CAT diesel engines have always been known for their durability. Whether these engines drive your tractors, trucks or power generators, you can always rely on Al Tharwah for any kind of Caterpillar spare parts in Dubai. We have always been known offer original products, whether it is tractors, generators or truck spare parts. Also, you can rely on us to have a wide range of offerings, such that they meet your requirements and cater to your budget as well.

Hydraulic breaker spare parts

When it comes to heavy equipment, hydraulic systems form some kind of a staple. In this domain, CAT hydraulic systems have always been known for their innovative implementation and development. However, many specialized parts in such systems need to be replaced for ensuring the best performance at all times.

At Al Tharwah, we have always been known as genuine Caterpillar hydraulic breakers parts suppliers across UAE. Our range of products can help you ensure that all your hydraulic equipments are running at their best when required. Besides, our experts can help you choose spare parts wisely so that you batter and affordable decisions with regards to your hydraulic equipment.

Forklift spare parts

In construction zones, warehouses, and docks, one may have often come across the likes of forklifts. These trucks are largely important for loading and short transportation of heavy materials around a site. CAT forklifts are some of the most common brands that you are likely to be using as well. So what do you when you need Caterpillar forklift spares for replacement or repairs?

Al Tharwah can be your go-to supplier in such situations. Al Tharwah has been dealing in the supply of CAT forklift spare parts in UAE for a long time and has a very good reputation as well. You can be guaranteed that all parts sold by us will be of the highest grade, and offer great performance and durability.

Besides the ones mentioned above, Al Tharwah also supplies spare parts of numerous equipment, like cranes, grabs, mixers, manlifts, etc. We assume all our clients to be our business partners and offer great competitive prices. Lastly, you can also expect us to guide you with the technicalities involved.