Furukawa Spare Parts
Furukawa Spare Parts

Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD), which is a subsidiary of Japan’s core technical company known as Furukawa Company Group, is one of the world’s largest developers when it comes to mining equipment. While the parent company is largely concerned with the making and sales of engineering equipment, like machines, electric and electronic items and even chemicals, Furukawa Rock Drill is more concentrated on developing mining machinery and equipment. The company is mostly famous for its products, such as crawler drills, hydraulic breakers, crushers, grabs, compactors, and shears.

Several mining companies and likewise industries have been known to make use of Furukawa Rock Drill’s equipment in their day-to-day business activities. And while the company’s products have always been known to offer quality and durability, there always comes a time when products need servicing and replacements. It is at this time that there is a requirement of Furukawa spare parts.

Al Tharwah in Dubai happens to be dealing with all kinds of Furukawa Rock Drill spare parts. The company has been operating for a long time and supplies spare parts throughout the UAE. Some of the Furukawa spare parts that you can expect are for hydraulic breakers, crawler drills, crushers, grabs, shears and more. You can also expect a wide variety, along with the correct pricing, for all their products.

Hydraulic breaker spare parts

Furukawa hydraulic breakers have long been known for their quality and value. Plenty of mining and construction companies make use of Furukawa Rock Drill’s hydraulic breakers. Likewise, there is often the requirement for spare parts for this particular brand.

Al Tharwah has always provided Furukawa hydraulic breaker spare parts to many business houses in UAE. Considering that we have always been known to sell OEM spare parts, you can be rest assured that hydraulic breaker spare parts supplied by us are always authentic.

Crawler drills spare parts

Crawler drills are another important product in Furukawa Rock Drill’s rich portfolio of products. These are also commonly seen in operation during construction and mining work in several areas. However, these machines do require servicing from time to time. Often, certain parts may require replacement as well.

To buy original Furukawa crawler drill spare parts in Dubai, you can get in touch with Al Tharwah. We have always been known to be a leading spare parts supplier in Dubai and will assure you the best of parts.

Spare parts for grabs and crushers

Grabs and crushers play a very important part during construction-based work. Grabs are largely used for shifting heavy items between nearby places. As for crushers, they are used for breaking larger materials into smaller ones. Considering that the work of both, crushers and grabs are very intensive, they are most likely to need replacement or servicing.

Al Tharwah supplies a variety of Furukawa spare parts for crushers and grabs. Our entire range of original spare parts offerings can always help you find the right items for your existing equipment.

Spare parts for shears

Various kinds of shears have long been used as a cutting tool in mining and machinery. Furukawa has also marketed shears under its brand name, which are pretty popular as well. Al Tharwah provides Furukawa shears spare parts, which are original by all means.

Are you looking for Furukawa spare parts in Dubai? Contact Al Tharwah for more information on the matter.