Perkins Spare PartsPerkins Spare Parts

Perkins Engines, or Perkins Engines Company Limited, happens to be a subsidiary of Caterpillar and is known to manufacture
diesel engines for industrial, construction, materials and agricultural markets. Perkins has long been known as a leading manufacturer and has even expanded its portfolio to gas engines. The company, at present, offers several kinds of engines that merely highlight its expanding portfolio.

Owing to the fact that Perkins is among the most popular global manufacturers of engines, it is obvious that the demand for their products and spare parts are immense. Several projects around the world, be it industrial, construction or material handling, all depend on reliable engines for the powering their work. So, it is hardly a surprise that most of these engine-based equipments require spare parts from time to time.

At Al Tharwah, we have always been reckoned with being original Perkins Engines spare parts suppliers in Dubai and the UAE. The company already supplies spare parts of some the world’s best known brands and customers can expect a sense of satisfaction in doing business with us. We can assure that all our spare parts supplies are genuine and OEM components. You can also expect to purchase them at the most affordable prices in the UAE.

What does Al Tharwah offer with respect to Perkins Engines spare parts?

Al Tharwah has a very well-stocked range of Perkins spare parts, which allows us to make them available to you at the fastest of time, without affecting your work process. Al Tharwah has also resorted to the idea of promoting original Perkins spare parts always because,

  • They are perfectly engineered in a way that assures durability and performance of your engines.
  • They ensure complete compatibility with your engine equipment.
  • They offer a lot better on the front of fuel efficiency and power output.
  • A one-year guarantee is always there to back up any issues you might face.

Original Perkins Engines spares can be easily indentified, owing to the hologram on the product. This further assures you that you are making the best choice for your equipment.

It is also important to note that for those looking to purchase remanufactured Perkins spare parts, Al Tharwah offer provisions for that as well. As a reputed diesel engines parts supplier, the company can assure you that even these spares are completely reliable and are manufactured with the best craft.

Perkins Engines spare parts that are available

Al Tharwah has been known to offer a wide range of Perkins spare parts, which include –

  • Cylinder heads
  • Crankshafts
  • Con rods
  • Blocks
  • Fuel pumps
  • Injectors
  • Pistons
  • Gaskets
  • Shells
  • Liners
  • Cases and covers
  • Manifolds and more.

Al Tharwah undoubtedly offers a whole range of Perkins Engines spare parts in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable prices in the UAE. With 24/7 availability, one can also avail technical support that may be required, which makes them the best to do business with.